Desperate for advice on Audio Innovations Valve system

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by planetzany, Dec 19, 2002.

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    Hi I am looking to buy an Audio Innovations valve system, can anyone recommend a complete system, using such an amp, including CD player, that I could look out for? I am very new to this and as such am finding it very confusing. I have heard Rogers Studio Monitor speakers with AI500 valves and they sounded pretty good but can anyone recommend a complete system and an improvement on that? I can pay around £2000 for a complete system including a CD player.
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    p.s. does anyone know of the Rogers "Export" Studio Monitor speakers, I am looking at a pair on Ebay but cannot find a review, are these the same as the Studio 1's?
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    Hi there....unfortunately Audio Innovations are no longer trading as a company,but Border Patrol(the Uk based valve amp specialists are still servicing and modifying this range of amplifiers.

    If you want one,the best places to look are; gent has an amazing shop,stuffed full of every valve amp imaginable!)...also has Audio Innovations in stock.

    and the ads in HiFi World

    They often crop up in these and other sites.....generally good amps but a bit fragile at times.....for what it's worth,I had a set of Tube Technology Genesis monoblocs for a while(outside the budget you've set),but the build quality and reliability of their stuff is superb.
    Since all this is now secondhand,have a look also at old Audio Research servicing probs,superb reliability and build.

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