Desmonds to buy?



Anyone know where my next door neighbour can buy Desmonds (ch4) series 1 from?



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Originally posted by Bone Daddy
did not realise this was available,will have to make a purchase.
It's not available.

This item has been deleted in the UK since 19th Sep 1995
Try our Video Hunt service if you would like us to try to find this video.


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and that usually works out at £18 a tape!! Not bad for those hard to find films but a definite no-no for TV series. with those video hunts do they actually look around or do they have them lying around in short supply and bump up the price. Service from blackstar is fantastic tho.

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Sorry Kids,was in such a rush to post (and bleary eyed) I did not read the page properly :blush: off to the dunces corner smart`ish :D

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