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Since getting a monstrous monitor a bit ago my desk has been a bit crowded with both a NAD D3045 and a pair of PSB Imagine mini flanking it, so I decided I'd downsize/consolidate a little into some active speakers, and almost immediately decided I should probably pick up the LSX since they seem to tick most of the boxes.

But I may be blinded to alternatives and I'm sure there are plenty at the price point - but searching for desktop speakers tends to throw up more traditional PC speaker options (Logitech et al), looking for wireless speakers comes up with more of the system speakers (Sonos et al), and looking for active speakers is a bunch of options that are too large to put on my desk.

There are a few (Dynaudio, Focal) that seem like they might suit, but struggling to find any reviews. An honourable mention goes to Genelec 8020D since I do have a couple of balanced jacks on the Focusrite scarlett that I use for my mic, but I'm pretty sure using my sub (XLS200) with them would need some sort of abomination of a splitter making and I think I'd want something a bit more "hifi" than the Genelecs as well.

A USB input would be nice, but other than that are the LSX really just best-in-slot for desktop use?


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If you are using them on the desk then using wireless speakers would not be my choice.

You can add a simple DAC to your PC via usb, something like the SMSL Sanskrit 10th mk2 or Topping E30 which both have remote volume controls allowing you to max out you software volume controls to stop them messing with the digital data. Add a RCA splitter wire to the subwoofer and a pair of active monitors and off you go.

With a budget of £850 ish there are many speakers to choose from in the proper active monitor marker but my choice to go with a sub would be some 5 or 6” monitors which would not take up too much desk room-

focal shape 50
dynaudio lyd5
Adam a5x

Hope this helps.


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I'm not sure any of those options actually result in a net-win in terms of downsizing - the PSB speakers I have now are 143w 234h, LSX are a smidge larger at 155w 240h but I lose the amp, the 5" options on the other hand are way bigger and even the Shape 40s are a step up in size.

This the main thing I've been running into - everything that's a "maybe" turns out to be just a bit larger than I'd like to consider. The A3x suit size-wise, but I crossed those out on the basis that they're.... aesthetically challenged. Yes I'm being picky, but I'll be looking at them for 40 hours per week.

And for the same reason I'd only look at self-contained options, no separate DAC. I already have the Scarlett but I'd ideally like to further reduce box count by taking that out somehow, I've not figured that bit out yet, but digital input is the strong preference - I'd plan on using the digital input on the LSX so the wireless component is largely irrelevant, just offering some flexibility in future if I ever chose to use them differently.

Thanks for ideas though - maybe I just want too much between looks, connectivity, quality and size

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