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My Dell 8700 desktop (about 8 or 9 years old) won't power up. When I press the main power on button, nothing happens at all. It has been playing up for a few weeks in that sometimes it works when I press it, and sometimes it doesn't, needing 3 or 4 goes typically.

There is an orange light on inside the case, and the green test button on the outside of the power supply works OK.

I have replaced the button battery, no difference.

Could it be that a new power supply is necessary? If I go that way (don't know much about them), do they come with instructions to point me to where I should plug each mini-plug? They have a lot of wires! One to to the SDD, one to the....etc etc. Maybe it would be more straightforward than I imagine.

The only other symptom I have noticed is that twice in the last few days I've been working and the monitor turned blue! Not a typical blue screen of death with a Windows message, just all blue. The desktop has a graphics card (and maybe eating into the power needs excessively, tho' I think it's a low end one).

I've just taken out the dedicated graphics card, still not powering up.

Any ideas? Wonder if a new power supply is worth a gamble. I wouldn't know where to start, but know I don't want to spend all that much (ideally). It's an old computer.



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Hard to tell.

It could be a PSU issue, it could be a dead motherboard.

Typically, motherboards die after about 6 to 8 years of use so it might be that.

Hard to tell without plugging in a known working PSU and trying to power it on.

Buy the PSU, try it. If it works, great. If it doesn't work, return it.


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Thanks. I've also heard it could be a dodgy button/connection from button to motherboard.

That's good to know that you can return such items. I was worried that once opened/tried, returning becomes difficult.
check with the vendor but a lot will take returns.

if your OK with this - here is a possible method for testing the button by bridging the pins when the switch is removed from the motherboard.

there is a simliar thread of information about how to test it for that model of dell here



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Thanks very much. I tried that and it powers on... I think that means that the button or connections from the button are faulty, but I'm not sure. I am going to see if I can remove the old button/connectors (looks complicated) and if feel, I might try a new button/connectors, about £22ish.


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Oh, I'll investigate further! Not really fussed about looks. This would be cheaper, and simpler, than the "proper" button. Easy to fit I guess?


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Just looking at this again. The "POWER SW" end would fit in the computer (I know where) and the other end is the button/switch I would use to power that right?

The cable would just feed out the case (that might have to be left slightly open?).

Is that how it works?


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Thanks! This cheap little solution has done the trick. Thanks so much!

Cable looks a bit untidy but really not a problem and quite charming! Ha!

Very grateful for the help and all the replies.

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