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Not strictly home cinema but I couldn't find a better forum - please move/inform if you find a better one.

I am looking for a solution to untidy cables in an office meeting room. we have several rooms, and they all end up with a nest of network cables and 4-way power extension cables all over the place.

I have seen some solutions - but most do not allow for the network cable to be kept when you close the lid ... so you wouyld have to unplug the network cable, put it somewhere else then close the lid. This would lead to the lids not being closed, cables left trailing - same issue.

I want a solution where the power and network can be made available with a sunken area for the network cable to 'live' when then lid is down - like the "Oasis Mini" on this site:
Computer Cable Connection Boxes: Data Network, AV, Audio & Power Cable Connector Boxes for Computer Tables, Computer Desks, Computer Conference Tables and Computer Podiums

However - it needs to be UK based power.

Anyone found a solution to this?


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