Desired audio device settings keep disappearing in windows 7, tried everything!

Discussion in 'Home Entertainment Computers' started by max337, Dec 7, 2011.

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    I apologise in advance as I know this is a subject that has been covered, but I achieved my goal and settings, however they keep disappearing. To where I do not know!

    My setup

    Windows 7 64 bit PC.
    Asus Radeon 4350 with HDMI port.
    Denon AV amp.

    My goal, to achieve the bitstreaming of DD, DD+ and DTS. Not so concerned about HD audio as I have a blu ray player in my AV setup and I already know my card cannot do this anyway.

    I have searched and read so much information, this post I feel is my last resort. I have become confused and befuddled lol at all the info.

    The only other thing I have connected to my pc is an external HD and a standalone DAC going to my Arcam amp for music.

    OK, I followed a guide, this one about setting up LAV and MPC HC and after installing CCC WITH their Audio HDMI driver I got what I wanted straight away, Joy! It worked great. Then I decided to mess around with the system heh heh and it went. On a side note, in one of my other (one of many) attempts to reproduce my original setup I used CCC WITHOUT their HDMI driver but the Realtek ATI HDMI driver. This gave me all those settings again but with some HD audio options too! Useless to me but I was pleased.

    I am unsure whether the fact I keep restoring windows back to a prior point to any codec installations or CCC installations is sufficient. Maybe something affecting my desired setup has remained??? Or maybe something in windows is overriding it at some point??? I have seen a notice on one occasion that windows installed some HD Audio something or other and this led me to suspect it is Windows at fault.

    I have tried to narrow it down but am unsure what it is.

    To summarise I can achieve my desired settings, it is just that they do not last that long. I think I have tried everything, including removing the HDMI cable in case that triggered something, but no.

    Thanks in advance for any info, I would really appreciate it.

    It is so frustrating knowing I can get what I want, just to have it snatched away lol. Aaaargh.

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