desire or legend

bluenose boy

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cant make up my mind between these 2 was going to go for the hd2 untill i realised it was windows based:suicide:.
so have narrowed it down to the above my misses has the desire and i like it alot, more so than my daughters 3gs.
was hoping someone had compared them both in the real world.


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I had this decision and after much chin rubbing, went for the Desire. That said, I didn't see the legend in action, so couldn't comment on that. Side by side though, I preferred the look of the Desire over Legend, but that's definitely a personal preference thing, and being a bit of a geek, the higher spec justified the higher price point for me.

So I would say that if you've seen the Desire in action, you may notice the lack of screen resolution and CPU grunt if you went with the Legend, however, it could perform nicely and the smaller form factor wins out. But I just didn't think it felt that much smaller than the desire in reality, but that could be just me.

Edit: if you wanted something similar but a bit different, could look at the Nexus One? Similar spec to Desire, but pure google..

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