Desire HD SD card issues

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I have heard a bit about these issues so I thought I would ask if anyone has the same on theirs before I send it back to T Mobile,
When I first got it, it came with an 8GB Samsung card, which worked for a day or two, then said it was corrupt and was in 'read only mode' - I formatted it, and it worked again for a few days, then it kept 'unexpectedly removing'.

I wondered if it was the card, so I bought a new Lexar (class 6) card, and it now cannot read that properly after a couple of days. Do you think the phone needs to go back to TM? Everything works on it fine, except it seems like there is some sort of hardware problem with the phones micro SD reader, but if I factory reset it, chances are the card will work when TM look at it, and then they will assume it is fine and give it back :confused:

Any advice would be great, the phone is nearly brand new, and it needs to last me 18 months!



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IMO phone needs to go back. I have a 16gb class 4 card and never experienced a problem.


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Same here I have a no brand class 6 16gb card and no issues.


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I have a slightly different issue. My 8gb card that came with the phone works perfect. I bought a 32gb sandisk card off ebay for 15 quid from a seller from China. Thought it was a bit risky but worth the punt. recieved it today and put about 8gb of music on it but it only shows the artists beginning with A (and unknown artists) I know all the music is on there, as I can see all the tracks when I check ES FILE EXPLORER. Why wont it show all my songs in music player? Any idea anyone?? :lease:

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