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      Those rural rednecks are at it again! They just can't keep out of trouble, can they?

      Released at almost the same time as Tobe Hooper's more outrageous and infamous Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jeff Gillen, Alan Ormsby and Bob Clark's Deranged is another in the fertile pantheon of Ed Gein inspired rural shockers, and definitely one of the most faithful to the true story of mother-fixation, necrophilia, DIY skin-fashioning and seedy murder.

      Starring the superb Roberts Blossom as the Gein stand-in, Ezra Cobb, and featuring early special makeup effects from Tom Savini, the classic tale of redneck grit ‘n' gristle now comes to UK Blu in its full uncut form, courtesy of cult label Arrow Video. Yep, that means the gloopy brain-scooping scene is back in, folks!

      When his staunchly demonstrative, woman-hating mother (Cosette Lee) dies, aging only child Ezra cannot accept that she's...

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