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Reviewed by Brian Day
Eureka Video are rapidly getting a reputation in the DVD world as authors of some of the finest films available – a kind of British Criterion collection. And I take my hat off to them.
Their Masters Of Cinema series contains some outstanding films from the silent era – some of which have been reviewed by my colleagues here at AV Forums reviews. What we don’t realise though is if it wasn’t for authoring studios like Eureka, these films would be lost forever. Because of them, they’ll go on like the timeless classics they are for generations to come.

Der Leztze Mann is a film that should be seen by anyone that has the slightest interest in the history of cinema. It inaugurated a new era of mobile camera expression whose handheld aesthetic and sheer plastic fervour predated the various “New Wave” movements of the 1960s and beyond. As the watershed entry in Murnaus’ work, its influence can be detected in such later masterpieces as Faust, Sunrise, and Tabu — and in the films of the same Hollywood dream-factory that would offer him a contract shortly after Der Letzte Mann’s release. This Masters of Cinema release comes very highly recommended by me
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