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Unfortunately somebody poked a finger into the cone (I think that's what you call it) in the woofer on one of my speakers. It isn't cracked. but is there a way of returning it to normal? I thought of a vacuum cleaner but maybe that would be too powerful. Any ideas/suggestions? A suction cup maybe??




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It would be helpful to have a Photo. I fixed mine with TAPE, bought floor demo speakers that had been abused.

I started with Masking Tape, and gradually moved up to stronger tapes, eventually ended with Fiberglass re-enforced Packing Tape.

Another options it to take a small drop of hot-melt-glue onto the dent, put a pin or a toothpick in it, when the glue hardens, pull the dent out. Then with cut the toothpick/glue VERY CAREFULLY with a Xacto Knife or razor blade. Also you can perhaps soften the glue with a hair dryer.

The alternative is the "KISS". Press your mouth to the dent and suck, and hopefully pull the dent out.

Using a vacuum cleaner is dangerous because you can't really control it, you could very easily suck the dome off.

Though be aware that those domes can be replaced, assuming the driver itself isn't damaged.



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Thanks for your advice. I went with the vacuum and it worked. They're reserve speakers bought about 1998 and not too expensive even at the time, but it seems to have worked.


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