Dension Ice>Link vs Belkin vs Line In


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I went into my local Halfords store today with the intention of purchasing the Denison Ice Link for my iPod. However, I was put off by the guy I talked to as he suggested the sound quality wasn't that much better to that of the itrip. As I am using a Belkin in the car at the moment I didn't see the point in spending £100 for small increase in sound quality.

Can someone using the Ice Link tell me how it compares to iTrip and Belkin?
Would I be better getting a new head unit with line in or perhaps as the Halfords guy suggested a head unit such as this


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A unit that uses an FM modulator connected to the aerial input (such as the Denison or H-K units that Halfords sell) will sound loads better than an FM transmitter unit (such as the i-Trip).
If it's installed properly, a modulator will sound as good as the best FM radio stations, while a transmitter can sound as bad as the worst pirate FM station.

A new head unit, if your car can take one (mine can't) is the best way - you'll get almost CD-quality sound. One that controls the iPod and displays the track info is preferable to one with a basic line in.


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My sister used to use the itrip and the sound quality wasn't great, however that has all changed since she installed the Denison Ice Link. It is expensive, but if you enjoy your music, it's well worth it!
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