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Dension Ice Link for Toyota

Discussion in 'ICE, Sat Navs & Dash Cams Forum' started by Widescreen Wiz, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Widescreen Wiz

    Widescreen Wiz

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    I've recently installed a Dension Ice Link to enable use of my iPod with my Toyota Celica OEM rdaio (no.58806). It's connected via a Toyota-Sony Connects 2 harness converter and was supplied to me as a complete package from an online company.

    The music is playing crystal clear through the stereo, but just every so often the iPod will pause for no apparent reason.

    Also, I am unable to access the Ice Link menu (it says, by pressing Disc 6) to switch on the charging function to the iPod, so at the moment I am totally reliant on its own battery charge. I'd really like to find a way of accessing this menu.

    Any ideas gratefully received!
  2. simon100

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    Nov 2, 2004
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    I've just fitted an ice>link to my Honda Accord. I have noticed that when it is linked up and I turn the power on it stops and starts until I press play or use the stereo buttons to change track. Not sure if this is a related issue. I have no answer though!
    I am prepared to put up with this as the quality is so good compared to my iTrip.

    Re button 6, I had to hold it down for a long time before it reverts to the ice>link menu system, at least 20 seconds. Luckily I managed to set charging and volume before reverting the iPod controls as the display on my photo iPod was very blocky.
    Try asking the questions/searching for an answer in this forum:


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