Denon X7200WA upgrade options?


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Hi looking for some opinion. I’ve had the Denon x7200wa for a few years and was thinking is it worth upgrading. I have Monitor Audio Silver 8 L/R/C BK XXLLS400 Sub Kef T Series rears and PSB Imagine XA atmos speakers. Budget of about £800- £1000 HDMI 2.1 slot is preferred. Is there anything in that price range that would be considered a upgrade or am I better sticking with the x7200wa. Many thanks.


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I'd say leave the amp it's still good, up to date and enough power. HDMI 2.1 is not fully compatible yet on latest demons probably be Denon x800 range get it sorted

Maybe upgrade sub?


thinking is it worth upgrading

The 7200 is a very good amp and I'm afraid a £1000 receiver is going to be a considerable down grade over it. I don't think even an X6700 will comfortably live with the 7200 so that would be a sideways move at best and that will set you back £2200. For around a £1000 you will get the X3700 at £1100 and I certainly would not consider that. You are far better off sticking with the 7200, so nowhere near an upgrade.


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Appreciate the responses, i will stick with the 7200. What sub would be a decent upgrade to complement the amp and speakers. Cheers.


What sub would be a decent upgrade to complement the amp and speakers.
Two things really, the usual chestnut of how deep are your pockets. Perhaps more importantly how big is your room. BK subs are very popular because of their good performance and price point being a direct supplier. Always worth a look. I'm not the best to answer your question as I've had the same REL sub for past nine years, so REL should be on your list if reliability is a priority.


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If you use the system for music, then a stereo integrated amp (ideally with an HT bypass function) could be a nice upgrade.

If you don't use it for music, then an additional BK400 sub, or two, would be a good option.
Trouble is prices are high at the moment due to Covid supply issues.Might be worth reviewing what you can get in 6 months time for your money.

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