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Denon X4200 distortion with dynamic volume on


Active Member

Im hoping that someone would be kind enough to check this on their receiver for me?

I have a Denon X4200 connected with sky connected via HDMI and the amp connected to the tv (panasonic plasma) via hdmi.

When I have amp set to have Dynamic EQ off and Dynamic volume set to light (or another - just not off) the voices from my center speaker are horribly distorted. when i turn dynamic EQ on and Dynamic volume to light it works ok. If the sky box is set to output the sound as normal instead of dolby the problem does not occur.

I mostly have dynamic EQ on but there are times when I prefer it off.

I have tried another sky both, changing the HDMI and using a digital Coax and the result is the same. I've also borrowed a speaker from a friend at the results are the same.

With my blu ray player (connected via HDMI) and PS4 (connected by optical outputting dolby) the problem does not appear to be an issue (it might still be there a bit but I think i'm over listening to things now!).

So sky sound set to dolby, X4200 set to Dynamic EQ off and Dynamic volume on appears to be the culprit here.

I have recorded a video on my phone to show the issue, its not great but i think it shows the issue - its recording my plasma so its flickers a lot. you will see the reference offset is at 10db but changing this setting makes no difference here.

Lastly I should say if i turn off both Dynamic EQ and volume is ok, if i turn off audyssey completely its fine (no distortion)




Distinguished Member
Try recalibrating the receiver.

Other than that, It sounds more like an issue associated with SKY and their Dolby Digital encoding of audio?


Active Member
Thanks, I've re run audyssey which hasn't made a difference, but I haven't done a microprocessor / factory reset. It's next on my list.

I'm starting to think it's a sky problem too.

tony nevitt

Active Member
It will be a sky problem, instead of investing all their energies in new fandangled equipment like sky q and 4k, they need to get the basics right for the 1000's of people with basic boxes. What is the point of having dolby digital sound available, especially for films, when it works better without it on.

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