Denon x3700H - Speaker crack on Play / Pause


So. Amp is about 5 months old give or take. Few early issues that turned out to be a dodgy HDMI lead - thanks to people here for guidance - but one issue remains.

I have it connected up with a Skybox HD for normal satellite/terrestrial viewing and an Intel NUC plugged in for streaming online and also shows from my NAS.
It's feeding 3 front speakers and a sub. Overkill I know.

The main problem - and it appears completely random is that the unit puts out a loud ' crack ' / static blip from the front left speaker about 40 to 50% of the time whenever i start to play something and the video audio kicks in.

So things that bring it on - FF or RW the SKY channel during an ad break - no sound during the FF etc - press play - sound comes back on - 'crack' from front left.

Opening a youtube video - press play - as soon as sound comes on - 'crack'. Noticed it doing it on Kodi as well when i play something via the NAS.

On youtube - if I skip using the right arrow key I get the odd crack and snapple from the speaker as well when it plays again

On the netflix app - silent on the main screen - move the mouse over a show and an intro starts - noise comes on - 'crack'.

Have done the usual tests such as check speaker cables / swapped them over and the crack now comes from front right speaker so I know its the AV receiver. Have tried another reciever - no issues.

I was about to return it to the retailer with the usual problems an intermittent fault can bring - " sorry sir, it didn't do it for us". Then I've found some other users with similar issues starting to appear online. See the post at the following link - Only thing is i'm not using ARC or eARC so that won't fix it for me.

Can anyone suggest further tests or what could be causing this issue. I've checked pretty much everything i can think of. Was even contemplating using the Video 2 HDMI output as that doesn't have ARC functionality if I've read the instructions correctly. Just something else to remove from the problem chain etc.

One thing I have noticed is the kettle power cord that plugs into the back is somewhat loose ( ish ) - normally these things have a tight fit into the socket but mine is a bit wobbly. No obvious power / powering off issues however.

Thanks for any advice.



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Loose fitting plug could be the culprit as the 'crack' shows when sound=power is used/needed, Worth trying another lead or temporarily wedging the loose fitting one to eliminate.

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