Denon x3700H soundmode?


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I'm just curious if anyone can help me with the sound modes and which one is best. I have a 5.2.2 set up that I should be expanding to 7.2.2 soon. My question is that if I have an uncompressed signal....either the Xbox Series X or LG UBk90.... set to uncompressed audio( 5.1 or 7.1) I get the option of Multichannel + Neural X or + Dolby Digital. If it's set to Atmos/DTS X I get those depending on what the encoding is. Im just wondering...since uncompressed is the highest quality it better to use that with Neural X or DD or is Atmos/DTS X better. I've never really seen these modes before but im guessing that the answer is if it's Atmos/DTSX then whichever mode it's encoded in is best for non atmos then uncompressed. I just switch games and content and they frequently have different sources so I was kind of looking for a recommended setting.

Thanks all


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I think you probably want to use "auto" and then, in cases where you don't want upmixing, select the more appropriate mode.

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