Denon x3700H loud 'static' crack


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Hi everyone. Given how helpful you all were last time here is the next issue.

Posted a few weeks ago re dropping connection / handshake issues etc and that was resolved when i checked all the HDMI cables and found a faulty one. This is a new amp - few months old and replaces and older denon. It feeds 3 speakers - L/R/C and a subwoofer in my main living area. Connected to it are a Skybox with onboard hard drive and and Intel NUC - about 8 years old.

Since purchase i've noticed an odd - all i can describe it - is a static electricity crack coming through the speakers at random intervals.

Things that cause it

1. Intel NUC- sitting on netflix streaming / website menu. No sound being played. Move a mouse to select a tv show. Netflix fires up, plays the intro and right at the start of audio - 'crack' through the speakers. Then all is well. Move the mouse off the tv show, intro and sound stops. Move it onto another show and same issue. Did lots of reading online / power settings / realtek driver etc...The thing that fixed this issue was an obscure post that said to select stereo as the output on the NUC and not 5.1. That worked for now. However, having typed this I just got a nice big ' crack' through the speaker after pausing a youtube video then restarting it after a few minutes.

2. Skybox ( New Zealand ) - Can't get this fixed. Everything generally working fine. Sound is solid. Can pause and play with no issues or weird noises. . However, when I use the FF or RW button on the skybox to skip a bit of the program, when I then press play the first thing - always through the left speaker is a static electricity like ' crack'. This happens about 60% of the time. Seems to happen on all channels.

I've checked all wiring and remade the speaker connections. I swapped the speaker outputs on the back and the ' crack ' now comes from the right speaker and not the left so I think i have eradicated the speaker as the issue ?

If i mute the sound on the skybox during FF or RW then there is no ' crack' from the speaker when i press play so I'm thinking it is something happening / being carried in the signal that is not working well with the amp ?

Output on the skybox is PCM I believe having reviewed the settings. Everything is connected via HDMI.

Issues persists if I swap between different processing modes - Dolby Audio - Dolby Surround, DTS Neural:x, DTS Virtual:X ,Multi Ch Stereo, Mono Movie

I also use Kodi on the NUC to stream a variety of shows from my NAS and have had no issues to speak of.

Would appreciate some things to try or review. I have another skybox so plan to move that into the setup and see if that is the issue however given all of this started with the new amp I suspect it's not.

Anything else causing this. I posted on an NZ forum and they seemed stumped but someone noted he had seen similar on a marantz and he thought the amp might be playing dolby bitstream as stereo before realising it was dolby then trying to decode it. - but that lost me to be truthful.
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Does it sound like a metallic pinging sound? I'm having issues, specifically with Dolby TrueHD tracks and unfortunately, having had my unit returned to me after sitting 3 months in a service centre, I had to send it back for this specific issue. Only had it for two weeks.

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