Denon X3600 with Phillips 65PUS6703 TV Audio Issue


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This has been a bit of an ongoing issue for me but seems to have gotten much worse recently.
I have the AVR connected via ARC, and Chromecast with Google TV and PS4 connected via the (HDR) HDMI ports on the TV. Note that HDMI 1 which supports ARC does not support HDR which is a huge frustration in itself.
The audio setup is Atmos 5.1.4.

The issue is that I can be watching something and all of a sudden the audio on all channels will start to distort. I would describe it as a sort of digital crackling which follows the audio, ie: the volume of the crackling follows the speech. To me it feels like some sort of decoding issue but I can't be sure.

Sometimes pausing and unpausing will make it go away, if watching TV, changing channel can help (I also get an issue more often on Freeview where changing channel results in no sound at all until channel is changed).

I found yesterday that in particular, with Amazon prime playing on the Chromecast and TV set to multichannel bypass for audio, the problem was at its worst, in fact it's the only time I've been able to forcebly replicate the issue.

I tried putting in my old Onkyo AVR with the Phillios TV for a few days and had no such issues. I also swapped the TV for my older but still 4K LG TV with the Denon AVR and also had no such issues.
The only thing I would say there is it's not a completely fair test, as the LG TV unlike the Phillips will not pass through Atmos. And likewise, the Onkyo is an older basic model and does not do Atmos, so in both cases I have to assume the audio format is going to be different from the Phillips/Denon setup.

List of things I have tried, to no avail:

  • Factory reset AVR and setup everything from scratch
  • As above for TV
  • Swapped and upgraded HDMI cables
  • Tested sources on both HDMI 2 and 3, problem never occurs on the PS4 regardless of which port it's connected to
  • Run HDMI separately to avoid potential interference issues
  • Run optical cable instead of ARC
  • Tried various audio settings on TV and Amp, whilst changing to stereo does take the audio issue away, I certainly don't consider it a fix!

All of the above leads be to guess that it's an issues specific to audio decoding or passthrough in the TV, on decoding in the AVR. Most likely a hardware fault.
Though it's intermittent, I don't think it relates to heat, as I've seen the issue persist when both devices have just been turned on, equally it can be on for some time before it happens.

I am already speaking to the manufacturers as both are under warranty, but thought I'd see what people's thoughts are on here?



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Just another thing to add. Where last night I was able to replicate the problem on Amazon prime repeatedly, ie: the problem was there regardless of whether I rebooted all devices, changed cables etc, today I have tried the same film with same settings and no audio issue!

I've even tried turning on/ off certain electrical equipment in case is interference on the AC side with no luck.

Any ideas please or does this sound like faulty hardware?

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