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Hello guys,

So I am totally stumped here. Been running a 3.1 config and recently purchased a sub (Velodyne spl800i) . Connected it up, it powered on and Audyssey picks it up and the setup completed.

However no bass is produced from the sub when I listen to music via Spotify connect or when watching TV. During the Audyssey setup the sub was recognised and bass was produced from it when using the setup mic for 3 channels after which I completed the setup.

I have tried trouble shooting but to no avail hence my new thread here. When I try to play a test tone using manual setup I get nothing at all from the sub.

Sub settings below...
Power = auto
Low pass crossover set to 120hz
Subwoofer direct yes (instead of using internal crossover)
LFE cable plugged into LFE input jack
Phase set to 0
The sub is plugged into sub1 in the back of the denon. I have tried 2 but no joy.

Completely stumped here. I was about to blame the sub but if test tones are playing successfully during Audyssey then it can't be the sub, surely? I have tried pushing the DB level up and still no output.

Front LCR on the denon are set to small and the crossover is set to 80hz. In the denon bass setting menu subwoofer mode is set to LFE and LPF for LFE is set to 120hz.

I am totally out of ideas but my trouble shooting thus far leads me to beleive I am missing a setting in the denon somewhere?

Would the 3.1 setup not be catered for by the AVR?
I have the rear speakers but waiting on stands atm.

Please help!


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If you are playing back a 2.0 source audio, with the speakers set to small and the crossover set at 80hz, then all of the audio below 80hz should be redirected to the sub. But you can't hear anything coming out of the sub, even with it's volume increased?

A few things to check.. Is the AVR in a direct mode, that would bypass the bass management?

Does the source audio that you are playing have much or any bass audio below 80hz.

If you put your hand on the bass driver, is it moving?

Try increasing the crossover up from 80hz, just for testing purposes.


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Also try setting the sub's power to ON as opposed to AUTO. Some subs can be temperamental when it comes to their AUTO power implementation actually engaging the sub and turning it on.

After saing this, I didn't know that the Velodyne spl800i actually included an Auto power option?
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Hey Both,

remember you well from your tips, given at the time, initially setting up my sub a few years ago. I tried all of your above suggestions. In the end i gave up, had a beer, came back tried again and it magically started working with no changes made whatsoever.

Nothing at all was changed, so it maybe an issue with the Sub itself but for now it is working :)

Thanks for your inputs!

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