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I've got a x2700H setup but having an issue with it displaying a picture when has an input from a Humax box S1110 via HDMI.

There are 2 configurable section options on the amp
  • Video/output settings - auto/4k/8k
  • 4k/8k signal format - standard, enhanced/8k enhanced

I have the following options available with the AMP, and whether they work or not:-
-Enhanced and 4K - 4k firestick works and HD Humax works
-8k enhanced and 4k - 4k firestick works and HD Humax works
-8K enhanced and 8K - 4k firestick works, but NOT HD Humax box

Can anyone advise me why does the Humax box not work with '8K enhanced and 8K' as the 4k firestick does work?
  • why wont the amp just upscale the picture as its an 8K AV receiver.
  • would a 8K HDMI cable make it work?


Do you have an 8K display or PJ? If you don't and have a 4K display or PJ then use the default setting of 4K enhanced. Make sure that i/p Scaler is set to off. You don't want the Denon to do any upscaling and just let it pass the original signal through to the TV which will have a far better ability to upscale to 4K.

If your TV is 4K with a 10 bit panel then it's 4K enhanced. If it is just 8 bit then select the Standard signal option.

Your Humax is just a 1080 box and should pass through via HDMI with not trouble and the 4K Firestick will have a selection of 4K HDR or 2K SDR programmes which again will pass through with no trouble when the Denon is set to 4K enhanced. Don't set the Denon to something you haven't got.

What TV do you have?
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Thanks for your reply.

I have the x2700 connected to a tw7400 projector on HDMI 1 and the HD Humax input on the SAT HDMI input channel on the amp.

When I use the setting '8K enhanced and 8K' - 4k firestick works, but the Humax box wont display.
I'd have thought it would upscale this to 4k through the amp though, but I see 'not compatible' displayed?
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Does anyone know why when going from a 4K firestick to a Humax S1110 box with the setting '8K enhanced and 8K' the Humax box wont display and on the screen displays 'not compatible'

I've now bought a 8K HDMI cable to test with, but makes no difference? Why?
Why doesn't the x2700 amp just upscale the picture?
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