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Hi All,

Just bought and setup up the Denon X2700H with a wharfedale 5.1 speaker and dolby upfriring speakers specifically to play Dolby Atmos. Got everything setup easily through the setup help only issue is I am playing netflix through TV app and also Xbox One S app and although the AV is recognising the output signal as Atmos on the display it is not playing any sound through the speakers.

Every other format seems to work great, even DTS:X through the Xbox. Dolby Vision is working fine through both and cannot understand why no sound is playing via Atmos. I have reinstalled Netflix on Xbox, TV is an OLED Sony Bravia 65AG8 2019 model which i believe is ARC only but the XBox is plugged direct into AV.

Any Help / Advice would be greatly appreciated. Is it something simple, maybe old HDMI cables, or is it the receiver at fault.



Is it defo Atmos content ?
Try listening to something through the Dolby app on the xbox, just to be sure


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What are you expecting to hear via the upfiring speakers? Most Atmos encoded content has very little Atmos output associated with it. The Atmos speakers will not be continually outputting audio, not even when portraying Atmos soundtracks.

Do the upward firing speakers emit the test tone if and when you manually invole the test to?

If the receiver states Atmos on its front panel display then it is receiving Atmos from the selected source. It wouldn't state Atmos on its display unless this were the case.


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Hi, thanks to you both.

@John - it is displaying as Dolby Atmos on the receiver display but no sound is playing through any of the speakers. I have now tried it on Xbox, TV app and Firestick 4K which all have the same result.
@dante - Yes all the speakers go through the test tone and setup fine. The sound is output for all other sound formats just not for Atmos.
It is only Dolby Atmos where no sound is output to any of the speakers.



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I can only suggest there to be a fault with the AVR. I cannot think of anything of hand that would cause the results you are getting?

Get in touch with the retailer who sold you the AV receiver.

What about when you play non Atmos audio and apply Dolby Surround Upmixing to it. Does this engage the speakers?


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Ended up getting in touch with Denon tech support and there is a software issue with some or all, not sure which , if the Denon 2700 units for Atmos decoding. Easy fix is to update the firmware through the setup menu and it correctly decodes the atmos signal and all is good :)

If anybody else has this issue then it's an easy fix.


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