Denon X2700H - Can Wireless Headphones be used with Zone 2 Pre out RCA connectors?


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Hi Folks,

Long time reader - first time poster.
Appologies for the long post in advance.

I have my eye on the Denon AVR-x2700H.
However, I note that the headphones can't be left plugged in if I want to listen through speakers also.
Manual states that:
When the headphones are plugged into this jack, audio will no longer be output from the connected speakers or from the PRE OUT connectors.

My current setup (old amp) has physical switches for A and B zones, and the headphones work irrespective of the a and b switches. (i.e. on or off.)
This worked well for me, beacuse it allowed me to leave the wireless headphones plugged in to the headphone jack. (The headphones have separate on/off and volumen switches.)
I also have Tannoy 637's setup with bi-amp as the main speakers.

X2700H manual shows I should be able to use a 5.1, with bi-amp and still have the use of Pre-out RCA Zone 2
Speaker configuration and “Amp Assign” settings AVR-X2700H
Main Zone: 5.1-channel (bi-amp connection for front speaker)
Zone 2: 2-channel (Pre-out)

My question is, will the Zone 2 pre-out signal work similar to the headphone plug?
I have heard that sometimes the pre-out signal volume is way too low, and hence unusable for wireless headphones.
The headphones do have volume switches, however if you push them to a higher volume, there is noticble static.
Current setup I have, the amp volume also adjusts headphone volume.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope I have explained the situation well enough.


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After doing a fair bit more searching, seems I have probably found my answer.
AVR/Amplifier Volume Level Control for ZONE2 PRE-OUT
Is the volume for ZONE 2 PRE-OUT controlled by the AVR or the amplifier it is connected to?
How can I set my AVR so I can only control the volume for ZONE 2 PRE-OUT from the amplifier it's connected to?

By default, the volume level for ZONE2 PRE-OUT can be controlled from both, the AVR and the amplifier ZONE2 PRE-OUT it's connected to.
The volume output level for ZONE2 PRE-OUT can be set to a desired fixed level or a variable level
The volume output level for ZONE2 PRE-OUT is set by default to "Variable". If you want to control the volume for ZONE2 PRE-OUT only from the amplifier it is connected to, then you will have to switch the ZONE2 "Volume Level" setting from "Variable" to the "Volume Scale" setting, which allows you to set a fixed level of your preference.
To do this, access the setup menu and select General > ZONE2 Setup > Volume Level.

Only remaining question would be if this is available on the AVR-x2700h
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ok, just to round this out, if anyone else is looking for this.
Bought the denon avr-x2700h.
All working as expected.
Have set zone 2 volume level to 80.
I am leaving Zone 2 on all the time. (For wife acceptance :))

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