Denon x2300w & Rega Planar 1 Plus


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So after a bit of deliberation, I have now bought the Rega Planar 1 Plus and paired it with my Denon x2300w AVR.

I have only just got it set up and haven’t done a lot of tinkering but I am distinctly unimpressed so far. As I said in my other thread I am no audiophile but I would find it hard to believe anyone would find the sound I am getting acceptable.

so my problems are:

the volume is extremely low, I have had to ramp up the source input to 12db and I still have to turn it up quite high to get a reasonable volume.

The sound is also, to put it mildly, quite flat, I know it isn’t with my speakers as everything sounds ok when turned to Sky or another source, it’s only when I switch back to the turntable (which I have connected to the CD analogue input, remembering to assign analogue input 4 to CD) that things are a bit rubbish.

The problems get even worse when I connect headphones to the Amp, I have tried a pair of Grado SR80s or my Sony MDR1000 (og version, not The subsequent revisions) in wired mode and the volume is low and flat.

is there anything I am missing that might be the cause of those? Such as settings within the Denon I might not have considered? I know there is an EQ option but I don’t know where to begin with that so any suggestions gratefully received on that front.

there are next to no adjustment to be made on the turntable such as a line/phono option, the tone arms seems to be balanced and the tone, albeit flat, is consistent to I presume balance of the arm isn’t an issue?

is there any advice anyone can give that might help or is it possible I have been sold a lemon? I will add that the stylus was rattling about in the box when I took it out and whilst I am no expert, I don’t think this would be the cause because I would expect and almost corrupted sound with a dodgy stylus rather than an overall flat tone?


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I've got the planar 1 (non plus version), and it sounds fine, although i have changed the cart to the ATVM95E. But the stock carbon was also ok. It will be quieter than other inputs as mine is, but not that quiet. You will need to run the stylus for a while also for sound to improve.

The stylus shouldn't have been rattling about as it should have been fitted on the cart on the arm.

I would add that a stereo amp will improve the sound as they are better for music than an avr.

Otherwise it could just be you don't like the sound from it.

Edit: try running the avr in straight mode or whatever it is called on the denons, to remove processing.


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I get that there may be a taste issue where the sound is concerned, but this feels like something else is a miss.

If the tone arm wasn't quite balanced right or perhaps there was an issue with the stylus, what would the outcome likely be?

is it also possible there could be issues with the integrated phono stage of the turntable? if for example it wasn't amplifying (or perhaps pre-amplifying is the better term here) correctly that might explain the poor output levels?


The weak link is more than likely the Denon. There's no phono input, you would need the 4300 for that pleasure. Even then a receiver is never going to perform as well as a stand alone stereo amp. I have a X6200 and still consider that receiver to be very poor with stereo music. Have you tried the Denon in Pure Direct?

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