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Denon x2300 avr issues


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Hi all. I've got a denon x2300w avr which I bought second hand from here a few months back, seller was good and honest so no dramas there. However I seem to have come across a snag.

After an hour of use (ish) it puts itself into protection mode with the power light flashing every 2 seconds and eventually reboots.

After doing it once the ace will persist on doing it again more frequently until it's unbearable and resort to powering off and using my tv speakers.

I have looked around at trouble shooting and firstly re-terminated and confirmed I had wired my Yamaha speakers correctly. Still problem persisted.

Removed amp from tv stand and used a desk fan to try and cool the amp and all is well but not ideal, so I think it's an overheating issue. My tv stand is not enclosed and I would have thought there is plenty of room for air to dissipate. See attached image.

I followed denons instructions to master reset the unit after writing down and using my old settings but again the same snag.

Denons authorised repairers are in Norwich or Middlesex and having spoken to Norwich team, (I forgot the company name) but am loathed to send it off for a long and maybe expensive repair.

My question is, does anyone know what the most likely culprit for this failure could be? Something that me, a fluke and a soldering iron could diagnose / fix relatively easily?

Or secondly, anyone in the market for a used, boxed denon x2300w which goes into protection mode?

Thanks all.


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Have you tried using Eco mode. The AVR will run cooler as it draws less power.

What impedance are the Yamaha speakers. If they are less than 8 Ohm the AVR will run hotter. You can change the impedance in the AVR to match the impedance of your speakers.
Speaker connection AVR-X2300W


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You don't have enough clearance above the top of the receiver. The manual says you should have a big gap (can't remember the exact number, maybe 15 cm?) but your set up looks well short so that's probably causing it to run hotter than it should.

If you're running an active subwoofer, you can try sending more bass to the subwoofer and raising the cross-over point, so that your main speakers are playing less deep notes. You can also try putting it in eco mode (as suggested) or running the volume at a lower level. Any of these will reduce the amount of heat being produced. You could also install a small fan to blow air across the receiver.

If it keeps overheating it will eventually fail so good to address the underlying problem now.


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Thanks for the fast reply guys. It would appear I have no idea what I'm doing. So I'm going do everything as suggested and see what happens.


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Update. So my speakers were 6ohm so I've adjusted for that now and I've put the unit in eco mode. I. Going to go into the settings change the amount of bass going to the sub and raise the crossover point on the sub to see if that has any effect too.


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Update. Increased bass and power to sub, gave amp correct speakers impedance settings, and running in eco mode. I'll keep these settings and go from there and if my problem persists I'll relocate the amp. Thanks again and I'll keep you updated.


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Update - updated the settings on the amp for my 6 ohm speakers, increased the power to the sub, changed the crossover so more bass went to the sub and ran the amp in eco mode. Within 20 minutes it went into protect mode and reset itself. Interestingly I now get the red indicator come on at a much more rapid pace (5 times per second). Even whilst trying to set the amp up with no media on at all it is playing up.

The only thing left to try is to take it out of the enclosure and run it and hope for the best, but with it not being on long before failing I'm now at a loss.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far, any other ideas or maybe some fundamental avr principles I'm not getting? All my devices go into the tv and I've just got the HDMI ARC to the amp.

thanks again


There is no need to change the ohm loading. Leave as 8 ohm.


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Lasted about 40 minutes in the end before it went again. I'll take it out of the enclosure tomorrow and see if it is getting too hot in the tv stand. Otherwise it's going off to the shop.


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Just to let you know, I might be interested in buying your amp, you decide to sell it ;)


Remember the Forum rules guys if you're serious about selling. Must be done in the classifieds and not on the open forum. Thanks.


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Before you send it off for repair you could try to find the fault by the process of elimination.

Disconnect absolutely every thing from the AVR and then switch it on and see if it goes into protect mode. If it does then the AVR definitely needs repairing.

If it does not then connect items one at a time until you find which one causes the AVR go into protect mode.

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