Denon X1600H HDR to SDR and back very slow


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I have recently purchased the Denon X1600H as i upgraded my projector to an Epson TW-9400 projector (4K upscaled) and also purchased an NVideo Shied TV (2019) device. I purchased new premium HDMI cables to handle 4K/60Hz.

I noticed a large black screen delay using Netflix when switching between SDR and HDR content (and back) of around 10 seconds when the AVR is in use. There is no upscaling on this model, and i have the 4K Enhanced mode switched on as you would expect.

When the Nvidia Shield is connected directly to the projector, i have no delays at all. This apppears to prove that the AVR is causing the delay and is apparently unable to switch cleanly between the sources. i would like to connect the Shield direct to the TV as a result, but unfortunately there's only a single HDMI out from the Shield and i need the audio to go through the AVR.

If i switch the shield to output SDR the issue goes away, any HDR setting and it returns. Refresh rate and resolution don't appear to make any difference, there is no delay for example when watching 4K non HDR content.

I've read elsewhere that people say to expect delays in switching like this, but it feels unacceptably slow given that i don't actually need the device to handle the video in any way, and i'm leaning on taking it back as it's not supporting "pass-through" as one might expect

Anyone else got any ideas on whether this is just somethingI would have to live with!?
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It is more than likely the time it takes your PJ to change irs processing that causes the delay? The fact that you've an intermediary device in the HDMI chain doesn't help though. The source will be establishing a new HDMI handshake between itself, the AV receiver and the PJ or display each and evertime the video format changes. You'd ordinarilly expect a brief delay, but 15 seconds does seem excessive?

Do you still experience the delay if you connect a source dorectly to the PJ or is the delay only present if and when passing the video signal through the AVR?

Your PJ is rather fussy when it comes to HDR signals so maybe this is impacting upon the time it takes the source to handshake with the PJ?

As Phil discovered when reviewing the TW9300, there seems to be a quirk when it comes to feeding various 4K HDR signals, refresh rates and bit rates into the projector. It was very fussy about the exact signal it would accept, so much so that it did impact on some of the results obtained with HDR metadata signals from our pattern generator.

You'd not be able to do the following relative to a PJ if using a PJ, but you could negate the delay if it is being caused by the AVR by connecting a source directly to a TV and then using ARC to convey audio passed through the TV out to the AVR. It would be better if the TV were eARC enabled if doing this because conventional ARC cannot handle HD formats such as TrueHD or DYS-HD Master Audio and would be limited to SD lossy formats or just 2 channel PCM. Projectors aren't ARC or eARC enabled.

Your AV receiver is eARC enabled, but you do not mention the make or model of your TV.
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@dante01 thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, i had a feeling it might be just "extra device in the chain" but the 10 secs (let's say 6-12, depends) got me worried.

Directly from the Nvideo Shield to the PJ, no problem, there is zero delay when playing HDR content and coming back again in Netflix. It's only when I put the single through the AVR to the PJ that this happens.

And yes, I got the Shield so i could have the best audio possibly (e.g Dolby Atmos), there is no TV in the room and no ARC/eARC on PJ as you said.

My last resort thinking is to try a Startech 4K 1 in 2 out HDMI Splitter from the Shield to take one to the PJ and one to the AVR just for Audio. But as the AVR will still be in the chain (albeit with no video out), and this is yet another device i cannot be sure that would resolve the problem and extra $$!


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I also experience a black screen of about 5s when switching between SDR and HDR on a Firestick to an LG C9 through a Denon x3700. I ended up connecting the Firestick directly to the LG C9 when an LG firmware started having issues with Denons and the black screens went away. I haven't switched black because I hate the 5s black screen.


I'm having the exact same HDR switching delay issue (the audio starts right away, but the video takes 5-10s) and it's driving me nuts. I thought it might be the HDMI cable as it was 35 feet long so I purchased $100 Active 8K cable and spent an hour routing cable through the attic. This did not fix it! (lol). Did you have any luck with the HDMI Splitter?

I have: Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) ==> Denon AV Receiver S750H ==> Epson 5050UB Projector
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@swears yeah, i checked all the cables and it's definitely the AVR. As i just purchased it I pretty much have to put up with it for now unfortunately when watching HDR. I plan to visit a local AV shop which has my projector and does AVRs too to get their advice and may sell and repurchase if i can get one that works with the Shield without the delay. It really does seem bizarre that this happens at all with modern devices.


Just to let everyone know, I was able to workaround this delay by using an HDMI splitter (one cable to a/v receiver for audio, one cable to projector). The delay is gone!

The bad news is HDMI-CEC no longer works, so instead of waiting for the the 10 second HDR delay, I now have to turn on/off 3 devices separately instead of one. Not sure if I will be keep this setup due to that, but I wanted to let everyone know that this is an option.

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