Denon x1600H - Garbled audio every few boots of the PS5..


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I have a Denon x1600H connected via eARC to my LG CX. Then my PS5 is connected to the TV with eARC passthrough. This is to allow 4K120hz but also have uncompressed 5.1 passed to the reciever.

The setup works perfectly, however every few PS5 boots the audio is garbled and sounds really loud and robotic. To fix it I either reboot the AVR or go into the PS5 settings, enable 2.0 and then quickly enable 5.1 again and then it's perfect.

The AVR doesnt do this with my Nvidia shield or bluray player plugged directly into the AVR. It also doesnt do it with eARC through the TV apps. ONLY with the PS5. I posted on reddit a while ago and someone else had the same issue

1) Anyone experienced this?
2) Any ideas how to fix? I'm not sure what the issue is? I think AVR because if I reboot the AVR when connected to the PS5 it works again (recieving same PS5 signal), however it could be the TV.

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