Denon X1300W issues


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Hello guys,

sadly I'm experiencing strange issues with my x1300w since last monday.

The first thing was the missing spotify connect/airplay connection. I checked the network settings of the denon and I couldn't change anything there.
Only "Information" and "Diagnostics" was available and the other options are greyed out.

I did a little research and came across the "network reset" which you can do while in mode "online music" and then press two buttons until you can read "network reset" on your display. Well, that didnt help and the receiver did not get any IP via dhcp. I pinged the IP address (which is reserved for the denon at my dhcp server) and more often than not I only received a timeout. Also the physical link seems rather flaky as seen on the indication light from my network switch)

The next step was a reset to default (I think it was power + preset+ and preset-), which made things even worse. After the reboot I couldn't even start the configuration wizard because it is always stuck at "loading".

Then I tried a different reset. One where the display should blink 2-3 times and you release the three buttons (I think it was power + zone2 source + dimmer).

All of the above did not help. The device starts and I can hear music and it shows a picture on my tv. But I can't start the configuration wizard and network does not work either. At one point the device rebooted and showed "CY920 Error" and was looking for an usb-device. I assume for some kind of firmware? But a google search didn't show anything useful for me.

I also tried to leave the device unplugged for more than 8 hours and even did the reset 5 times in a row, just in case for potential miracles.

Is there any way I can recover the device or is it time (and what a bad timing it is) for a new one?

Thank you very much for your help!

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