Denon vs Cambridge Audio


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I had decided that the CA Azur 540R V2 was the amp for me.... Then i noticed the Denon AVR 2105 at Superfi for the price of £250. This has got me thinking again but do i really need the extra that the Denon offers and sonically would it be better or worse?


Has anyone from the forums got either of these receivers and if so what are your overall impressions?

Help, as always, is very much appreciated.


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Hi Swigsy,

I don't have either of these amps, but when i was looking around for my amp i auditioned the denon 3805 against the cambridge audio of the same price range. It depends what you'll be mainly using your system for - movies or music ?

If its movies i'd opt for the denon - plus it sounds as if its got beter upgrade potential for your system in the future
Musically i found that Cambridge audio had it over the Denon

I ended up going for the denon as i use my system for movies considerably more than music.

If you can i would audition both and go for whatever one you like the sound of


I agree with Selfi1979, I also did the same comparison more than a year ago(CA540R V1 vs Denon 3805) and also preferred the CA's musically ability to the bells and whistles of the Denon.

But he quite rightly suggests, go listen and let your ears decide:D


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Swigsy34, I've got a similar decision to make but I think the Denon 2105 is a bit different than the 3805 the others mention.
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