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Tailored for 'Lifestyle Groups'

Denon has revealed details of its revamped headphone range that , to begin with, comprises eight models in four distinct 'lifestyle groups' that come with associated apps for iOS and Android.

“The result is a best-in-class personal audio experience. Simply put, our new models are engineered to sound like you, move like you, and fit like you, so you feel the music like never before”, commented Jamie McKay, General Manager Denon Headphones Europe.

The Music Maniac range of headphones is for the traditional audiophile with a focus on acoustic purity and audio quality. Urban Raver models are targeted at the younger music enthusiast who listens to contemporary genres of music with the audio tuning offering deep bass. Denon Globe Cruiser headphones are designed specifically with the needs of the frequent traveller in mind, while Denon Exercise Freak headphones are for the sports enthusiast.


Denon says their engineers have professionally tuned each product to match the desires of the end user. Music Maniac models are tuned to a flat EQ to provide an acoustically transparent audio performance. Exercise Freak models are tuned to provide a slightly accentuated bass curve for motivating workouts. Globe Cruiser headphones are tuned to provide superior audio and noise canceling for business travellers, so they can be productive on the go. Finally, Urban Raver models are professionally tuned to suit modern musical genres, such as techno, trance, hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass.

Denon are to debut a suite of lifestyle-specific apps, each of which is designed for the particular headphone categories. Available now on the App Store and Google Play, the Denon apps are designed to complement the new Denon headphones:

• Denon Audio App – for use with Music Maniac headphones, this app allows users to customize their EQ and EQ presets to set music levels for optimum performance. The app features an integrated audio player for playback of all music stored on the iPhone or iPod touch, allows instant playlist creation directly from the app and offers access to internet radio via TuneIn, which offers over 60,000 internet radio stations worldwide.

• Denon Club App - for use with Urban Raver models, this app allows users to easily update Facebook/Twitter status on music they like from the Urban Raver Community, look up lyrics of their favorite songs, share artist information, discover new artists and customize their EQ and EQ presets.

• Denon Travel App - specifically designed to maximize the travel experience when used with Denon Globe Cruiser Headphones, the app offers users easy access to their most frequently used travel apps.

• Denon Sport App - created in conjunction with MapMyFITNESS, features GPS tracking for outdoor activities. With access to an online community via Facebook and Twitter, users can share their workout progress with friends and track their fitness goals in a workout journal. The app even lets you map your location, how fast you’re going and how long it should take to complete your run at your target pace!

For more information about the new headphones – available throughout August and September - visit


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