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I just received an s101 after ordering it online. I hooked it up (very simple, only 4 wires) and plugged it in. The power light went from red (standby mode) to a blinking orange and that was it. No display at all. Strangely the play, eject and other buttons will light up when pushed but don't do anything. I've checked and re-checked the hookup and plugged and unplugged everything over and over to no avail. I also tried reinitializing the microprocessor and all of the button lights will light up but still no display. I've searched many forums on Denon products and have not found a similar problem. I'm going to call their support line but from what I've read I'm not optimistic about receiving a satisfactory answer. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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Sounds as though it's got a problem. A blinking flashing light could be a few things as that usually means the unit has gone into protection mode. As it's new I'd ask for a replacement to be sent out to you.


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Hi milhowse (hope you're reading this),
did you get this issue resolved? I have the same problem with my s101 and I'm about to send it off for a repair estimate. Did you ever get to the bottom of it? Was it faulty?
Reply appreciated.



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For future readers of this thread: Denon recommended to have the unit repaired and also recommended this workshop:

Sound Systems Technology
TV Video Radio Hi-fi
Unit 7/Bentinck Court Bentinck Road West Drayton Middlesex UB7 7RQ
Tel :01895 422244

I sent my unti there and got it back fully working a few days later. Set me back about £100 in all but I guess that's what I deserve for my own stupidity of disconnecting the system connector while the baby was running :cool:

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