Denon RCD-M41DAB do you need more?


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I have for less than a week upgraded to a Denon RCD-M41DAB the one that whathifi always has a system of the year (atleast as a mini system).

I downgraded in size but upgraded in sound quality.

I could sell my cd player and donwgrade in size, later i would by a wall mounted shelf for my mini all in one system and dj style turntable that i have bought a seperate phonostage for (argon audio, part of dali) that also sound surprisingly good and it's so tiny and cute, no buttons it just a mm phono stage that works.

My speaker are Mission QX-2 and im really surprised how good it sound 88db and goes down to 44hz and 3.6 ohm, diespte that the denon amp handles the speaker perfect, no problem what so ever when my speaker goes below 4 ohm, deep well controlled bass, good balance of the high that would surprise many since the top isn't bright as many would think when you think of denon amps.

Midrange clear open,wide sound with a good depth, together with the good balance of the highs and lows, makes the amp sound alot bigger than it's size, make it sound full sized. I would even go so fare to say i would never have chosen the denon pma-520ae with matching cdplayer and tuner if the price was tha same, which they by fare isn't, since i think the Denon RCD-M41 out performs the cheapest seperats that denon makes.

In fact i wonder why denons pma-520 and 720 doesn't have as good reviews (and sound) as the RCD-M41.

It's only rated at 2x30 watt 1khz in 6 ohm but this amp sound much bigger, musical,dynamic and with my Mission QX-2 im surprised of how much bass there is and how loud i can play, 20 out of 50 is loud, i keep it around 12-18, 30 is party level (using it together with my pc) and despite having read a review saying it, i feel it's got good control over the music even when there is alot going on it doesn't sound muddy uncontrolled.

From the trustedreviews Denon D-M41DAB Review | Trusted Reviews

Separation is impressive. It’s easy to pick out all the individual components of even the most chaotic performance. Push too far in this department and you risk sounding a bit clinical, but Denon has the good sense not to do that. Timing is tight enough that disparate elements come together as a cohesive whole.

There also compared to some of the older models bluetooth but no usb port, bluetooth rang is fantastic, 6-10 meter no problems which means where ever i am in my house theres no problem with the connections. Cd Player works with no disturbing noise and reacts fast to commands even stop and eject is alot faster then my older Nad C516BEE soundquality is just musical,clear open sound without sounding bright.

I use the bult in dac for my pc, just a standard quality optical cable and 16 bit and 44100hz, it just works and sound musical without sound bright, again with my system with a combination of qed,inakustisk cables, isoacoustics stand and mission qx-2 it sounds musical and with a good bass.

This system might be small in size and reasonabel priced but the sound is full sized and can easily compeat with denons seperate (non all in on) standard amp,cdplayer and tuner save some money an get the Denon RCD-M41DAB not the PMA-520Ae with matching cdplayer and tuner.

I compoared it to denons PMA-30 that sound brighter and more intrusive in the highs when playing loud, the RCD_m41DAB sounded more relaxed not intrusive (fatigue) in the highs and the bass sounded bigger,better, it just sounded more musical.

If by any chance you do want more streaming options (nas server) want to play music in more than one room or extremely loud (+ 100 watt pr channel) you might want to look at something else, mabye an advanced surround recivere with multiple inputs,outputs, if you you just want good sound have fairly sensitive speakers and your main focus is bluetooth,pc (optical input), if you want dab or not you have that option, the answer is Denon RCD-M41 (dab)

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