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denon Qs


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just trying to reset up my new speakers (B&W 685s) got a coupe of Qs my av is a DENON 2309 JUST RUNNING 2.1 SUB bk 200,

first i ran auto setup but this set the speakers to large so I went into manual setup and changed them to small but will that over rule the auto setup settings?

then I checked the sound levels with a SM from maplins but it only cost £15 so not sure how good it is? but on checking the levels all were lower the fronts just by a bit but the sub was nearly twice as low it when from about -6 to -10.5 not sure whats going on there as I didnt think auto setup would be that far out?the manual says if the sub reading was -12 it would set to NO SUB? so not sure if that needs rechecking as -10.5 is not too far off -12?
also I dont understand when you go into manual setup-speaker setup-channel level-there are two options not sure what each option does? do I choose auto or manual if I want to go with the sound metre readings? the Denon manual is not too clear it says "adjusting with the remote control unit using the test tones is only possible in the auto mode and only effective in the standard mode"? not sure what that means?

sorry for the long post cheers if anyone can help.
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Peter Galbavy

If by auto setup you mean Audyssey, then trust it and not the Maplins SPL meter - if you did the setup right. The Audyssey setup measures the in-room response at multiple locations - i.e. where you place the mic - and does some proprietary and complex averaging. The SPL meter just tells you what's happening at one point *and* most of them (not familiar with Maplin's version) do no do bass well.

There is a very very good Audyssey setup guide that goes through *all* these issues on another forum, but there is some odd rule about not posting links to it here, so just google "Audyssey Setup Guide" (spelling critical :) ) and have fun.

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