Denon PMA 720AE + Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 speakers good combo?

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Hi all and welcome to my first post on avforums, not long ago i got back into vinyl and bought a Technics SL-1200 mk2 and Goldring Elektra cartridge. I am currently using it with a old hifi from the early 90's (JVC DR-E58) and am wondering is it worth upgrading my system when i can afford it.

The thing is; I have very little knowledge on amps, and all system before I have not bought rather than what i inherited. As such I have been doing research and believe that the Denon PMA-720AE and Wharefdale Diamond 9.1 speakers would be a good combo.

The system will solely be for music, much of what is 80's pop and 70's/80's rock with some metal and 80's reggae . Additionally the speakers will be mounted on wall brackets very close to the wall at ear level.

Now for the questions, Is it worth the upgrade compared to what i currently have? and will what I have chosen give me a warm sound with detailed mids/highs and plenty, but not excessive bass. Also i notice not many amps these days have fancy graphic equalizers, was that a gimmick back in the day?

If not, my price range is up to £200 for the amp, and up to £150 for the speakers at a max. Also if another amp is suggested, it is important that it has a built in phono pre amp.

Lastly if it is worth looking on ebay for second hand equipment, are there any models i should look out for?

Regards: Elliott

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