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Denon pma 710 ae or marantz 6003


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Hi! Id' like to have some advices, opinions and suggestions about the difference in
sound character of MARANTZ 6003 and DENON PMA 710 AE from their happy owners
or from everyone who knows them - Some dealers says:" They are the same
machine with only some changed details, but the sound almost the same" ... :eek:
thanks a lot!
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Don Dadda

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Unless you mean the PMA 510, they are not comparable as the 710 is a 85wpc amp and the 6003 is a 45wpc amp same as the 510. The 710 is on par with the Marantz PM7003/4 and any salesperson worth their salt would know this. So for them to say the 710 and 6003 are the same machine i would question their knowledge (or lack of) of the products they are trying to sell.
Also the PMA 710 is approx £100 more than the PM6003 so if the 710 can be found for the same or near the price of the 6003, its probably a 'B' or graded stock which I have seen for £199 here. Haven't had any dealings with them personally, but there has been many reports that these guys are shabby, so research them first if interested.

However, the sales person are correct in saying they both are owned by the same company, D&M Holdings, since 2002, but still trade under their respective names. But to answer your question, I suspect the amplifiers will probably sound very similar, if on the same level, but the 6003 has the bigger following and is much more regarded than either the 710 and 510


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The advantage to the Denon PMA-710ae is that it can occasionally be found at a bargain price. Though one should fairly ask why.

The Marantz PM6003 typically runs £250 and has 45w/ch. The Marantz PM7003 with 70w/ch can run about £350 to £500. The newer Marantz PM7004, also with 70w/ch, can run £470 up to over £600.

The Denon PMA 710 on the other hand typically sells for about £325 to £375, and if you look a little deeper, actually has only 50w/ch (8 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD 0.07%).

I think for the money, and nothing against Denon, I would try to find a real deal on the Marantz PM7003 which has a solid 70 watts per channel to 8 ohms. This has been replaced by the 7004, and good bargains should be available on the older model.

If your budget really is locked in under £300, then the Marantz PM6003 at about £250 is a popular well liked amp, and you couldn't go wrong with the Denon PMA-510 which is 45w/ch to 8 ohms. It is possible to get the PMA-510 for under £200.

So, it really gets down to your budget and requirements. If you can push above £300, the I can't imagine that you will ever regret getting the PM7003.


Don Dadda

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Ah yes

4 ohms - 85 +85
8 ohms - 50+50


Still not the same amplifier but probably sounds similar


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Thanks for replay - I need suggestions about difference in sound between Denon 710 and Marantz 6003 or 7003 - I know the specifics, but some people says they are sounding almost the same...
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Thanks for replay - I need suggestions about difference in sound between Denon 710 and Marantz 6003 or 7003 - I know the specifics, but some people says they are sounding almost the same...

I'm reminded of a joke that one of my sick twisted friends used to tell -

Q: What is the difference between a Duck?

A: One is both the same.

That makes about as much sense as your question, sort of, more or less, kind of, in a way.

While these companies might be owned by the same parent company, this isn't like cars where a Mercury is really a Ford in disguise. The amps are made by separate independent companies, each with their own separate design teams, and each with their own design philosophy. They are NOT the same amp, and they no more sound alike than any amp sounds like any other amp.

And if they do sound alike, doesn't that make your life easier instead of harder? I'm not seeing the problem.

Whether they sound the same or different is irrelevant, what matters is which one do you like, and the only way to determine that is to press your ears into service.

It doesn't even matter which sounds best, it only matters which sounds best to you.

To my knowledge neither of these amps is exceptionally or noticeably bright or warm. Both are well regarded as are Yamaha, NAD, Cambridge, and many others.

Do they all sound the same? Sort of.

Do they all sound different? Sort of.

Beyond that, only your ears can tell you what you need to know.

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