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Denon PMA-600NE or NAD D 3020 V2


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I'm looking for a 'do it all' amp to pair with a set of passive speakers. Essentially I'd like like an easy and flexible system that will allow me to use the speakers to watch tv as well as stream music from spotify with bluetooth. I'm also intending to add a turntable at a later date so need it to have a built in phono too. I'm aware that I could split these requirements into different elements but budget is tight ( and so is space, it's a small room) so an all-in-one unit is preferable. The convenience of managing everything from one place is what I'm after.

I've found a couple of options that look like they could do the trick:

NAD D 3020 V2 - very well reviewed in lots of difference places and seems to tick all boxes

Denon PMA-600NE - slightly cheaper than the nad (I've seen it included in a few package deals which brings the cost down even more) but can't seem to find many reviews at all.

Would love to know if anybody has any first hand experience with any of these two amps? Particularly the Denon as reviews are so hard to come by. Thanks!
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I would say, you should have the Marantz NR1200 on your shortlist even though its cost is a little more than the Denon, it is a better option for stereo when wanting to use TV devices as it also enables HDMI connections enabling it to work with modern devices via it to your TV making it very easy to set up and use


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I've had the 600 for about 3 months now, powering QA3020i's, and am really pleased with it. All I have connected to it is the M&J net player via toslink, so can't help with phono or analogue outs. I don't really use bluetooth either. but when my daughter has been round and played mp3's from her phone, I've been impressed with the sound quality, if not her choice of music! When the amp is in standby mode and it detects signal from paired device, it turns itself on and selects bluetooth output automatically. So, I listen to DAB, Internet Radio, Spotify and Flac files from the laptop all via the net player and can't fault it. The amp it replaced also M&J, seemed a bit lightweight so went with the 600 for the 'sub out,' but find I don't need one in my 4.5 x 4.5m room. I don't really have much to compare with after 20 odd years of one box music, but I know I have started LISTENING to music again, finding it engaging, rather than just being on in the background.


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Thanks for the helpful replies! It seems the Denon would do everything I need it to, and since it's cheaper I think I've almost made my decision. However just stumbled on the Yamaha RN602 which also seems like it could fit the bill.

Any last minute advice as to the best amp to go for out of those mentioned in this threat? NAD D 3020 v2, Denon PMA-600NE, Marrantz NR1200 or Yamaha RN602....

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