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    After receiving very useful inputs regarding HKavr 330 and Marantz 7500 from Jase and Mark Rogers (special thanks to both) which I believe will help me a lot, I would relly appreciate to receive more comparison between Denon AVR3805 and Marantz 7500 (or 8500). I was convinced to buy the 3805, but now I believe I will need more inputs from people who used them, listened to them or at least knows about them more than I do.

    My previous posting was the below which is sitll valid. Thanks for your help.
    I am trying to choose between Denon avr3805 and a HK avr330.
    I have owned Denon before but never tried a HK.

    I love deep bass response at low volumes (also at higher) and so I have a Rel Strata5 Sub. But I want the amp I choose to accomodate the good bass. Of course sould clearity and realism are important too but well managed bass is my priority. I will be using the amp with my B&W CC6 center, DM601 all around. I will mostly be using my system for listening to music and occasionaly for home theater.

    Can anybody comment on both AV receivers and suggest which one

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