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I'm waiting on my new Denon AVR receiver model #AVR x2300w suppose to be delivered today. I am upgrading from my current dead Denon 3313ci surround sound that went out. As in reading on page 29 Atmos features, it does not support the 5.1 speakers setup, which is what I have, mine are all in ceiling speakers three in front two in rear and one sub on floor, anyway page 44 in new manual says something opposite like it does work, kind of confused, so could someone help me? Which way do i wire my in ceiling speakers up to get the best sound and take advantage of atmos feature?

Thanks in advance.


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No Atmos setup will not work if all your speakers are located on the ceiling. Even if dealing with a 5.1.2 setup, the 5.1 layer would need to be at your seated head height while the 2 additional speakers needed for Atmos would ideally be located on the ceiling. Your entire speaker arrangement is not condusive with what would be recommended for either Atmos or even a conventional 5.1 setup.
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asking again my set up will work or does not work with my new now setup denon avr x2300w for dolby atmos feature? ( not to sure if i understood his answer or its still not clear to me? thanks anyone.)


A 2300 will work your present set up as a 5.1 base. Just set it up as a floor layout in the configuration. Forget Atmos with all your present speakers in the ceiling, it simply will not work as all your sound is coming from above anyway.

To benefit from Atmos your 5.1 base should all be floor, or at least wall mounted with only the 2 Atmos speakers in the ceiling. The 2300 has only a maximum of 5.1.2. Even with a ceiling based 5.1 you are missing so much of how a 5.1 soundfield is designed to work.

In answer to your original question wire the speakers up in the same way you did with the old unit and completely forget Atmos.


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Hi all,
Noob on Denon AVR systems I am trying to set up a 5.1.2 Atmos for my denon AVR-X1400H and cannot figure out to wire the height speakers I have the base 5.1 laid out. Can any advise me how to set up this up along with any modifications to the set menu?
Thanks Greymantis

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