Denon Link S.E. ( Second Edition )


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Denon has a new version of Denon Link which is now able to pass copy protected DVD-Audio from DVD-A1 to AVC-A1SR.
This version is apparently being implemented in new production runs of A1SR and DVD-A1 s , with an " upgrade " possible to existing A1SR / DVD-A1 s by returning both to Hayden Labs, upgraded A1SE as yet unconfirmed as possible.

Anyone know when the latest versions will be available in U.K. ?
I rang Hayden, as yet they have no information.

Apparently SACD is in the pipeline, first in new Denon players, followed by possible upgrade of DVD-A1, which should also be capable of passing through Denon Link S.E.

Although taking into account the view that maybe DVD-Audio / SACD is best passed through a player's analogue outputs, this seems to be an exciting development ?

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Personally, I think it is better to wait for HDMI to be ratified and used as a standard by all manufacturers. I believe both Tag and Arcam have given indications they would consider it.

"Denon link" is fine if you don't mind only buying Denon product, but very restrictive if you don't. I find it hard to believe that another manufacturer would adopt "Denon link" on their own products.

It doesn't pass video signals either...


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I assume that an unmodified Denon Link is still fine for passing digital audio when playing a movie on a regular video-DVD. Does this make a significant difference compared to using the DVD-A1's SPDIF output into a normal digital input socket ?



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It doesn't pass video signals either...

Good point.

I wonder how many AVC-A1SR/A1SE upgrade owners will bother.

(I will.)

Without wishing to bore the pants off everyone, i can tell you that DVD-Audio via Meridian's MHR digital Smart Link is fabulous.

598 > 568.2

Hopefully, the release of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' in March (approx) will tie up with a DVD Audio upgrade to us 596 owners.....

Looking forward to spinning it 'DVD-Audio' styleeeeeeeeeeeeee



Had a nice chat with Keith Prodi from Hayden Labs today, who was kind enough to fill me in on the details re: the Denon Link upgrade.

Here's the good news: It's going to be totally FREE!!!!!!! No charge will be made by Denon or your local dealer.


the bad news..... First of all, it's not going to happen until Jan/Feb next year at the earliest. Secondly, you'll need to take both the A1 and amp into your dealer who will then pack it into flight cases and send them off to Hayden labs for the soft and hardware upgrade.

More good news.... Well, for upgraded A1SE owners anyway. After quibling as to whether their was enough onboard memory or not, it now appears that there is and A1SE owners will also be eligiable for the free upgrade.

Details will be posted on the Denon UK website 'shortly'.


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