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    I have a Denon DVD-A1 player and AVC-A1SR amp. Upon purchase my supplier ensured that both were Denon Link SE. However, I have noticed a couple of odd things:

    1/ Neither the A1 or A1SR front displays show DTS when playing a DTS DVD.

    2/ When I use 'On Screen' on the A1SR with a DTS DVD it says the input signal is Dolby Digital (which I guess DTS is) at 48KHz. Is this correct?

    3/ I can not access the Pure Direct Mode (just get the little 'barred' icon on the top left of the picture) of the A1 which is mentioned in the manual for setting up for best DVD reproduction. In fact I can't modify anything in the sound section either - almost like it has been password protected.

    Reading between the lines in the, less than clear, manuals, I believe I should set the amp to THX and it will use the optimum sound processing mode. Is this correct?

    I am suspicious as my supplier struggled to get the A1 and A1SR at SE. Did they get it right?

    The quality of sound from my system is great but understandably given the investment I want to get everything out of it I can.



    (Posting to the DVD and Integrated Amp forums as covers both).

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