Denon Issue? : DVI from Denon 3910 to iScan HD+

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Eye in the sky, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I think there is a output problem connecting the Denon 3910 to the iScan HD+ via DVI or maybe an HD+ DVI Input problem from the Denon 3910. The DVI output of the HD+ is connected to the Panasonic 50PHD7 via the DVI board.

    The setup for this:

    3910: DVI on, set to 480P/576P, PAL
    HD+: output format set to 480P
    Panny: according to the DVI manual, 480P-60 and 576P-50 are supported, among some other timings. HDCP: Auto, Output: DVI (PC)

    When you play Stars Wars (eg) with this setup, all you get is a 1-sec flash of the movie on the plasma and all go blue screen.

    But when I set the HD+'s HDCP to OFF, I get an alternating 1-sec flash of the movie and 1-sec blue screen on the plasma.
    I then checked the HD+ Information page while this is happening, I can see that the DVI input does through a cycle of 'No signal', '576P', and 'Passthrough', this resulting in the 1-sec movie and 1-sec blue screen issue.

    Some of you might be thinking there is a DVI problem with the 50PHD7. But its not. Because I get picture when the 3910 is directly connected to the DVI input of the 50PHD7 and its over HDCP. 3910 settings: 480P or 720P or 1080i (on NTSC), 576P (on PAL). So there is no problem with the Panny DVI inputs and the 3910 DVI inputs.

    Also, there is no problem with the HD+ DVI output to the Panny via DVI. I have tested it with SKY+ at XGA, 480P, 576P. However it did not work at 1366X768P - 60Hz even though the Panny DVI manual said so. Different issue.

    So in conclusion, there is a problem with the HD+ handling a DVI input from the 3910. Or maybe there is a setting on the 3910 which I may have missed. Can someone from iScan help me out here?

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