Denon giving up the ghost - bad time to replace?


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Hi all,

It looks like our DENON Avr-1909 is on its last legs. It has started randomly not playing sound through the speakers even though it is still getting a signal. Turning it on and off again was sorting it but now it's not worked for a while. Tried running a test tone from the amp to rule out the source and no joy. We are now having to run the sound through the amp and change the setting on the amp for the audio to be fed to the crappy TV speakers.

I have been holding off an upgrade until the 2.1 HDMI issue was sorted, we recently fitted two ceiling speakers ready for ATMOS, but it looks like the amp failure is forcing my hand.

Prices seem bonkers at the moment though, are they likely to get better any time soon? Also concerned the current gen Denons anyway have the internal fix applied and not as good a DAC from what I've read. Was holding out for their replacements to hopefully have everything sorted properly.

Any thoughts or suggestions? (even better a way to fix the current amp?!)



All Denons manufactured after May will have the 2.1 problem sorted. It would have only affected you if you were going to use a PS5 or are the proud owner of a no content at all 8K TV. Even so a work around is so easy to do and it's not as big a problem as many have made out.

The bad timing is simply supply and demand and prices are, as you've pointed out, remaining very high and some even climbing on new units. The knock on effect is that second hand prices are going up as well.

The DACs are not as new as the ones in last years units but that's not to say that they are poor, far from it being supplied by Texas Instruments. I doubt very much indeed that you will notice any difference.

As for fixing the old one then it has to be a possibility and it would be best to take it to a local repairer and get an estimate. It may very well be more costly to repair than is really financially viable and that has to be taken onboard as well.


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Even so a work around is so easy to do and it's not as big a problem as many have made out.
100% Agree with this. Excuse the pun, but it really "bugs" me. Yes, the whole 2.1 issues shouldn't have happened, but the "doonsday" nature it was reported, was totally unnecessary imo. Given the simple workaround was to plug the consoles directly into the TV and use Arc/eArc to portray the audio.

As my mum would say "Grinds my gears that"!


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Thanks both, do you know the lifecycle for the current generations, are they early, mid or late life? Just trying to gauge when the best time to buy might be.

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