Denon exercise freak AH W150 bluetooth review

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    Has anybody else had the unfortunate pleasure of these overpriced, unwaterproof headphones?

    I bought them from currys in an airport, and was on my way to work for 6 weeks. After my second run on the treadmill, they must have let sweat in (possibly through the mic) and first the led stopped working, then the whole set packed up.

    When I got home, I was told in currys that as i didnt take them back after 3 weeks, (impossible for me) I had to take a direct replacement. I tried to get my money back as I was certain this would happen again, but they wouldny give me it because of their silly 3 week rule. I told the shop assistant my concerns of this happening, but he was saying denon wouldnt let this happen and its a one off etc etc. Anyway I finally accepted a new pair and started using them next time away at work, again on the treadmill and again after my second run, the led stopped working, and now after running in them 3 times they have stopped working again.

    The annoying thing is that I wanted them for the great north run, but by the time I get home Im not going to have time to get another pair.

    Has anybody else had a similar experience?

    I want to know where I stand legally as I want my money back this time, if not im going to see what trading standards say.

    Beware, do not buy these headphones, they are terrible.:mad::nono:

    Im now after a pair of decent blue tooth, overear headphones if anybody has any suggestions please?

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