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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by guyb, Jul 22, 2001.

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    Hi All

    Can you use a single surround back speaker with the Denon 3801/3802. My room is fairly small so I don't have enough room for two. With ex/ex (plus es discrete) encoded audio is there a left rear surround back and a right rear surround back or is it just one channel. If it is not one channel can you set the Denon to send the both signals to only one surround back speaker? Hope that makes sense.

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    indeed you can opt to use just one surround rear/back speaker in your set up. I guess with a smaller distance between the two side surrounds the need for dual rear/back speakers becomes arguable.

    DTS ES Discrete codecs only cater for a mono surround rear channel at the encoding stage, thus a single rear speaker will be fine regarding a stereo image as there isn't one.

    THX Surround EX uses a matrix decoder to 'extract' the surround back channel from the surround left/right channels. In-phase sound is routed to surround back in a similar way to the centre channel in old DPL. As such, when extracted, it will be mono. However, THX post-processing employs decorrelation to improve stereo imaging and create a 'difference' between similar channels that are carrying similar or identical sound. I haven't managed to confirm or deny as yet that this is or is not used on the surround back channels to develop a stereo separation between them.

    Basically, one surround rear/back speaker is fine. Just remember to tell the amp that you are only using one to avoid using that amplifier. (I believe it switches off any unused power amps - anyone??)

    Hope that helps,


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