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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by wokeye, Dec 3, 2003.

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    I have a Denon DVD-1000 region 2 DVD player that on the whole I am happy with (although I paid to much for it). The problem I have (not sure it is a problem?) is that it takes a while to initially read some backup's of my own DVD's I have.

    I recently purchased an Optowrite DVD dual format writer for my PC, and some Bulkpaq orange DVD-R media (box of 25). These discs worked fine on my Denon DVD player and it accessed them immediately. Thinking this was good quality cheap media I bought another tub of 25. It burns them no problem, but my DVD player often takes upto 10 seconds or more to initially read the disc when the tray is pushed in (used to take about 2). It sounds as though it is struggling to read the disc. Yet when it does read it eventually it plays no problem (just takes a while to start initially). I was just wondering will this harm my DVD player in anyway? I guess if it does they are quite cheap anyway!

    I can only think this is a media problem as the discs that were made on the first tub of these discs worked fine (started straight away, and still do now). Although I have tried a different media that just does the same. I have changed nothing on my PC, unless the burner has developed a slight fault as soon as I put the new media in (unlikely). I have also slowed the write speed down to 1x which makes no difference either! I am awaiting delivery of some more expensive Ritek DVD-R media as I have heard they are good. I think I should also try the discs that I have made that take ages to access in a friend's DVD player to see if it is my Denon that is maybe a little choosey with DVD-R media.

    Just wondered if this initial long access time was harming my Denon DVD player? As if it isn't I think I will leave it as I am fed up of computers and thier stupid quirks. Any advice please?

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