Denon DVD-All: optimal progressive mode?


Standard Member describes the different progressive decoding modes available on the A11:

- Auto1: The Auto1 mode is on cinema material (24 picture/sec..) optimized film mode. It is both for American NTSC DVDs (with 3:2 Pulldown) and German PAL DVDs been suitable.

- Auto2: This mode is adjusted according to guidance to pictorial material with 30 picture/sec.. The guidance refers here to American picture standards. "interpreted" this that this mode is optimized on the so-called 2:2 Pulldown, means with which from two following each other half-images a progressive frame is in each case won. Also German film - PAL DVDs work with 2:2 Pulldown, however with 25 picture/sec.. Therefore this mode straight for local film DVDs can be regarded as the optimal one.

- Video1: Video1 is one of three De-Interlacing algorithms optimized on video material. It is the so-called "Universal" mode, which is co-ordinated up "normal" video material.

- Video2: Here the progressive representation is appropriate for video material with few movements in the picture. That is called technical that the De-Interlacing the emphasis on "Weaving", which puts a building up of two following each other half-images. Thus a higher dissolution of detail in motionless picture portions is ensured.

- Video3: This mode is again optimized on video material with fast movements. Here the emphasis is put on interpolation, i.e. the missing character rows are computed by the DVD Player. With very fast movements this mode ensures a artifact-free representation without comb effects.

I have not been able to discern much difference between these on a plasma screen in real life, although I have not compared them in any depth. I don't really understand the different pulldowns. My preference is to zoom letterbox films by 1.5 to fill a 16:9 screen (losing the edges, of course).

Am I right to conclude that Auto2 is the optimal setting for UK DVDs? Are there any Video DVDs?

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