denon dvd-al firmware AGAIN!!



My firmware is

ESS 625P
PANEL 6081
DRV 6067

Ive seen threads where other guys are posting versions that seem more recent. I downloaded an update and it worked fine - multi region/pal progressive/chroma bug free. however, Im getting occasional audio dropouts. Before I get in touch with Hatden Labs to talk about pickup problems Id like to check whether updating the firmware will help.

Has anyone got a more recent update available as a zip file or on a cd?

Any help gratefully appreciated.



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I'm sure you're aware, but just in case you're not..... be VERY careful and make 100% sure the firmware version is right for your machine.
There are few versions of the A1 and each needs different firmware.
Use the wrong one and your player WILL die immediately.

I'd check thoroughly with Denon first by providing them details of your serial number and current firmware. They should then tell you if there is newer firmware available for it.

Don't make a very expensive mistake.
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