Denon DVD-A11: Multiple Outputs?


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This may be a silly question, but I would like to replace my existing DVD player and CD player with a single, high quality DVD player. The DVD-A11 looks like it would fit the bill.

However, for 2-channel music listening I have a separate DAC (Bel Canto DAC2). Is it possible to have one digital output going to my AV receiver for multi-channel movies and another digital output going to my DAC via a different digital output (and from there to the AV receiver via analogue), with the DVD player automatically detecting what disc it is playing?

I guess what I'm asking is two things:

a) is it possible to have two digital outputs from the DVD-A11 (or any other dvd player, for that matter).

b) is it possible to assign those digital outputs to different disc formats?

As I write this, it seems pretty unlikely that any of this is possible, in which I'll be stuck with two components - one dvd player and one cd transport.



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to be honest your better off sticking to using seperate transports., I dont realy rate the A11 as a CD player(multi channel player by god yes)

i use a nad s500 cd player and the denon just cant compete
(and the NAD isnt as good as it gets and all that)

but i think you can have two digitals out, coz u dont have to choose between coax or optical. so i guess its possible

as for assigning, NO

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