Denon DVD-A11 i.Link "works superbly"


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Jan 25, 2004
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... with the Yamaha DSP-Z9, according to What Hi-Fi Ultimate Guides Hifi and Home Cinema Systems 2004 magazine (page 48).

I have managed to get the A11 recognised, but no sound to appear (pending a Denon firmware upgrade, according to Yamaha).

Is there anything to this, or should I treat this as on a par with their reviews of the sonic characteristics of different av furniture?
No this sounds right, there is a beta firmware at present that does allow i-link to pass and just about fixes all other issues. Its not available to the public yet but but you can bet your last quid it was flashed in prior to been reviewed.

will get in 2-6 weeks depending on progress
hmmm i wonder if i tell denon that i'm going to be reviewing my replacement A11 i can get the beta firmware too ;)

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