Denon DVD-A11: black and other settings with Panasonic TH-42PWD6UY


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Jan 25, 2004
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Playing Digital Video Essentials, I find that I cannot get the 3 black pluges to show unless I set the "floating black" setting to 7.5 IRE (rather than the 0 IRE). Is this normal?

- I cannot see how to set contrast on the Panasonic as the test screens seem to be designed for CRT. Is there a way of doing this properly?

- What should the Gamma setting be on the Panasonic? 2.2? S-curve?

- Should I use the AGC setting?

- More generally, when should I change the DVD player settings and when should I change those on the plasma screen?

This article describes a possible issue with the contrast setting on the US version of this DVD player.
right, set the A11 to all its standard settings and set black on dvd player to 0 IRE.

the denon dvd player does not like to be set at 7.5IRE.

the contrast issue only applies if the A11 is set to 7.5IRE as this will stop it from droping below black pluge.

from there calibrate screen, via the disc you have. so set contrast, brightness via the plasmas menus only. the plasma will remember settings for each input, so calibrate accordingly.

hope that helps
0 IRE certainly seems to give darker blacks on DVD, but it does not show the THX shadow or the darker blocks in the THX setup test strip, no matter what brightness level is set on the plasma.

So far as white levels are concerned, the 4 white blocks can all be seen irrespective of the contrast setting on the plasma. Should I be playing with the input level on the plasma?
yes its the plasma you need to calibrate, i calibrated my panny with the toshiba eith the pannys settings only.

you have to get the correct balance between contrast as well as brightness. the last vertical black bar should only just be visible
Underdstood, but it does not seem to be as straightforward (for the reasons given) at 0IRE and because of white clipping as it should be.

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